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Excel Reporting & Analysis for HR Professionals

HR Professionals will learn the tips that save hours to resolve the difficulties they face on a daily basis in doing employee compensations, salary, leave, benefits etc. In this practical training, participants will learn formatting techniques to convert data from different sources, how to make the best use of most important formulas for HR. You will able to manipulate charts and diagrams, use logical functions, and link their spreadsheet to other worksheets and applications. Also learn how to automate some common Excel tasks, apply advanced analysis techniques to more complex data sets, troubleshoot errors, collaborate on worksheets, and share Excel data with other applications.

Software tools enable us to be more productive and efficient. Learn how to leverage the powerful features of Excel for HR, auditing, and other HR tasks.  Explore the use of Excel as an audit and analysis tool, as well as, selected features that help prepare accurate reports.
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  • 3 year(s) ago
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