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How it Works

When Virginia Institute of Finance delivers a training course with any client, Virginia Institute of Finance extend a 3-month free membership to all delegates attending the course. The videos are our after-service guarantee that all training objectives and deliverables will be at the delegates’ fingertip. During this period, all attended delegates have access to all videos covering all deliverables in the course. They can review the videos as they desire, on their laptops, iPhones, and/or android smart phones. Delegates have access to all video for a period of 3 months. Once the membership expires, delegates can individually purchase an annual membership license for a nominal fee. They can select any course offered on, pay for an annual membership, and enjoy top-notch, real-life, and hands-on professionally made practical training videos.

Alternatively, Corporate Clients can purchase a number of seats on an annual plan. The seats then can be given to professionals in the company who need to upgrade their skills in the purchased course.

All courses come with:

  1. Real-life practical demonstrations on each objective and deliverable
  2. Practical and hands-on exercises and case studies
  3. Downloadable Excel workshop, exercises and case studies so that delegates can follow along with the video demonstrations and apply respectively.
  4. One year membership to all videos in the subscribed course(s), including all updates and additions to the course videos during the year
  5. Customer support also offers Individuals and Corporate Clients the ability to purchase specific videos of interest rather than purchasing the whole course. The same benefits apply as above. This options allows users to specifically customize their training plan and achieve 100% deliverable rate on the training plans. You can pick and choose from different individual videos from different courses. For example, users can purchase 3 videos from the “Next Generation Excel” course and 2 Videos from the “Mastering Financial Modeling” course. This plan allows users to optimize budgets and achieve objectives.